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June 26, 2013
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Hoodie x masky x reader! LEMON!
You opened the yellowish orange door and creped inside.
*WHACK!* you fell limp on the ground as your vision faded. But just as you were about to pass out you heared a faint voice.
"I told you it was going to be her!"
"Ah! Shut up! I though it was an intruder! Give me a break mask!"
You saw a pale face knee down beside you.
"Hey! Hey are you ok (name)? How hard did you hit (him or her)!?"
"Not that hard!"
Your vision went black…… your eyes opend very slowy. And you could feel someone holding you down my your arms and someone else holding your legs on ether side of them.
"Oh good (name) is awake!" You looked up to see a boy with dark brown hair, a white mask on and bright blue eyes you seem to be lost in. He pushed his mask to the side of his face. A smirk appeared on his face.  "now we can begin…"
You felt someone start to lift up your shirt. You look down to see another boy! He has a black mask on with red eyes and a frown with stitches. He rolled up his mask just above his mouth. He began to move his finger tips in a circles on your stomach as he kissed you deeply.
You felt your strength leaving you. You had to get out of here you started to freak out and your mind was racing. In the heat of the moment you raised your leg and kick the boy in the stomach!
"GYAH!" He was pushed off the bed from the kick!
"HOODIE!" Hoodie? That was his name! But what about the one holding your arms?
"Im ok…… hehe!AHAHAHA!"
"Hoodie are you ok?!" The boy with the white masked yelled as his grip on your wrist grew tighter.
"OW! Hey! Let go of me!"
"Masky I have a good idea……" the boy with the white mask is masky?
"Every time (name) says stop or no ill go even harder…" hoodie got back on the bed and sat right in between your legs and pulled down your pants.
"WHA?! NO ST-!" You words were cut off from a deep kiss. You tried to kick him off but he was holding you down. He moved down to your collar bone and toyed with the sensitive flesh till it turned pink. He moved you down and began to toy at your entrance.
"Ah! No please!"
"Beg me to and apologize!" He yelled as he fliped you over on you stomach.
"Mhhh!mmm! Nmh!" Maskys fingers were tangle in your hair as one of his hands ran up and down your back.
"Mh! Ngh!"" You felt hoodie thrusting into faster and faster by the minute.
"Hey…… masky…"
Masky broke the kiss for air as hoodie was thrusting into you. "You keep kissing (name) and (her or his) mouns are getting muffled!"
"Oh come on (name) loves kissing" masky pulled your face to his and began to deeply kiss you again. Hoodie growled under his breath. "Come here (name)" hoodie pull your hips closer to him.
"Oof!" maskys shoulders that held you up were swept from under you and your face fell next to a bump in masky pants.
Masky lifted your head. "Hey (name) can you do me too? Ill be nice…"
Masky put his member in your mouth as you sucked and with hoodie still thrusting into you.soon after hoodie pulled out of you and so did masky.
Hoodie sat were masky was and masky slowly enter you. Masky had more energy then hoodie and he plowed into you harder than him to.
"Ah! Haaa~! Ah~! Hmm!" Hoodie pulled your head up and kissed you deeply as he smoothed your hair out. You had a feeling this was going to take a while……
You roll over in your sleep. With masky and hoodie on ether side of you.
"(He or she) was so cute wasent (she or he) huh hood?"
"Yeah but next time (name) is all my!" Hoodie kissed your forehead.
"In your dreams!" Masky pulled you towards him.
"Hey you said you'll share (name)" hoodie put your arm around you."we'll let (him or her) choose"
"Hey hood?"
"Good night…"
"Good night masky…"
"Good night (name)…" they both gently kissed you and fell asleep…
YEAH! Ok so sorry for my grammer and spelling im not very good at those so please go easy in me! And I hoped you liked ot and thank you for reading!!!!!
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CreativGirl22 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
me:=reads- wow....

Hoodie And Masky:what ya reading ?

 Me:NOTHING! _smashes the laptop-.....

Hoodie and masky:O~O wtf?
PokeloidPachiViray Apr 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Me:welp...Time to go get myself a drink... 0////0 *Walks to the kitchen*
Hoodie:*came in to my room and saw my computer open*huh? L-Linny's reading something C: .Let me read it..*After reading the story**Sexy/Personality went on*....Good Idea...*evil smirk* Found the perfect present for Linny~ .I'll go tell Masky..or wait...Myself only that's nice.
Me:*bumps to Hoodie*Oh hi hoodie~.
Hoodie:Hehe*Evil smirk* Hey linny.I have a perfect gift for you(And probably with Masky) later night, K?
Hoodie:hehe see you later night~ *Walks*
Me:...Is it me or did Hoodie's "Sexy" Personality instead of his Hyper"Shy"active personality was on again..?Help me Q////Q...

In my opinion Hoodie has different types of personality in one body XD
Euther shy,Hyperactive,Seductive,pervy and more something similar like mine ewe XD
Crosstheshewolf Apr 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Me:finishes the story
Masky:what are you reading?
Masky:*snatches my. Laptop* so you read these *evil smirk*
Masky and hoodie prevy looks on there face
Me: what are y'all doing WAIT
Masky had takin me and put me on his sholder hoodie in the back
Masky and hoodie:Not any more~Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2]
Masky and hoodie :No~
Me: ....*gray skin is red on face*
Masky and Hoody: ... Your reading this stuff? Really Zomb?
Me: AHHHHH!!!! *shuts laptop and runs into a different room*
Masky: wanna look at her Internet history?
Hoody: hellz yeah.
M&H: .... Is it really just us and YouTube? ....
Me: yeah... I kinda like you guys.... *kinda hides behind door*
JimJanArtz Apr 3, 2014  New member
I remember reading this a long time ago before I was a deviant art member. And now that I can comment I'll say this: I like et. .u.
CandiProductions Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a feeling after all that fucking, Reader-chan won't be walking anytime soon...
AskTheCreepypastaz Apr 5, 2014  Student Artist
-throws a ticcitoby at you- TOBY USE HATCHET ATTACK! -the ticcitoby clone:- .....WAPPLES -the clone slaps you with pancakes- I need to train it more...
CandiProductions Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

-Throws a BEN Drowned at you- BEN USE WATER PULSE~ -BEN clone:- AHHH WATER! -Tosses a cup of water at you- Really BEN? A cup of water? -.- xD
AskTheCreepypastaz Apr 6, 2014  Student Artist
ME: ....licks the water on my face- :I


OBSERVER: theactualfuckbro
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