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August 7, 2013
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Jeff the killer x reader!
You walked up to the blood splatter door and moved your hand up to the door knod. You hesitated and pulled your hand back. Your eyes scaned the area around you and you found a heavy candal holder. It look very old and it could be used as a weapon. You grabed it and held it close to your side.
You look at the door and opened it. You steped in side and felt a cold breeze crawl up your sides. You reached for the light but heard heave foot steps comeing towards you. You felt your hair get pulled and your body slam against the wall! You screamed and struggled to be free.
"Hey! Brat shut up!"
You heared a raspy vocie talking to you.
"G-get away!!!!"
You swung your hand which held the candle holder and you heared a sharp loud *crack*.
The pressher from your hair being pulled vanished and you felt the persons body fall to your feet......limp....
You fell down to your knees. "O-oh... my.." your whole body shook. The feeling of horror and guilt took hold of you. "Hey hey! Are you ok?"
You moved towards the person and moved the hair covering their face. It was a boy! He had some what long dark hair, a white stained hoodie,a wide smile, black pants and eyes with no eye lids.
You brushed his hair to the side of his face and saw a trail of blood streaming down his face.
You pulled him towards the bed and pulled him up. He was very heave for a boy that skinny.
You ran towards the bathroom and rummaged threw the cabinets and found gaws, bandages and some cut cleaner. You grabed all the stuff and ran to the boy. You found the cut and cleaned it and patched it up. You sat next to the bed and just made sure he was ok. Soon enough you fell asleep.
*****time passes*****
"Hey! Hey! Brat wake up!"
You were awaken by the same raspy.
"Are you still alive?"
Your eyes slowly opened to see the boys face in frount of yours.
Yout head launched up. Your and the boys forehead met and *smack! *
"Ahhh! What the hell are you doing!?" The boy rubbed his forehead.
"I was going to do mouth to mouth!"
Your face became a bright red and you felt a warm fuzzy feeling.
"Ah shit my head....."
The boy rubbed his head and pulled his hand back down. "Fuck....." the boys hand was covered in bright red blood. He must have gotten a cut when you hit him.
"Ah!" You grabed a towel and some new gows. "Stand still"
You put the towel to his face and gently remover the blood. The same guilty feeling came back and a small frowned. You looked down from the boys cut to his face. You felt his eyes starring at you and they were. You quickly looked back at the cut and wiped the rest of the blood off.
You put the towel down and picked up the gaws.
"Yeah..." you answered back and started to wrap the gaws around his head.
"Your actually kinda of cute........"
You felt your face get hot and that fuzzy feeling came back. It waw quite for a while and finally you try to break the akward silence.
"Um.... w-whats your name...... if you dont mind me asking...."
He looked at you."you can call me jeff....... and you?"
"(Name) nice to meet you...."
you finished wrapping him up and looked at the clock. It was 11:48. Gezz you must have slept all day!
"Its pretty late..... and some assholes been killing my victims at night ..... you should stay here for the night"
You blushed and smiled at the fact he was worried about you. "Yeah.... thanks"
The boy or eh.... jeff crawled into his bed and pulled the sheet over him. You looked around the room and saw no other bed and no sofa. You layed on the floor right next to his bed. You felt a hand pull you onto the bed and your eyes met with jeffs.
"What the fuck are you doing?"
You broke the gaze from his. "There were no other beds and..."
You saw the sheet cover you up and you felt the warmth of his body against yours.
"If you sleep down there you might get a cold and if that happened I would feel like a dick....."
He hugged you and pulled you closer.You buried your face into his chest. "Sorry I...!" He snuggled his head on top of yours.
"Shut up and go to sleep.....brat..." he kissed your forehead and you both sliped into dream land.
Sorry this took forever! I have really bad writeds block but Ive read a lot of jeff x reader lemon! And I thought it would be nice to bring out jeffs gental soft side. Im sorry if you expected lemon but I will be makeing a jeff x reader lemon! So please wait! Ajd thank you for being so nice and takeing your time to read this and just thank you for commenting, favoriteing and watching!
Question from the writer!
Who is your favorite creepypasta? and if you tell me I might get to do a reader x (Creepypasta name) lemon or no lemon just for you!
Ok so here you guys go! Hope you liked it and enjoyed it and this does use a lot of bad words so yeah if you dont like that kind of language sorry....... ill try to make a clean one... once again sorry.

And thank you guys for reading please share this with your friends family who ever likes jeff the killer it would meab a lot to me! Thanks!
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My favourite creepy pasta is ben
x-SweetPea-x Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
how does jeff sleep ;3; hmmm
Ask-MistyJay Feb 8, 2014  Student Artist
My faaaaav creepypasta is BEN
Icewindkittyartist Feb 1, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter

Love the story, you have real talent.

Anyway's my fave pasta is BEN

BJthekiller Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awe that was sweet. It made me cry
ChiTheDreamer Jan 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist

1.Where the heck am I in this story? Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 

2.Favorite Creepyasta? Hmm..let meh think~~Moonfur Rave 

3.My favorite is Hoodie And Masky! Cheesecake Loverz For eva~!Cheesecake brings love 

Eeveelyn-Kiriuyy1321 Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Favorite Creepypasta....Hmmm,

Well I'll have to Say my Absolute Favorites are Masky (because I think he's Cute )and Jeff (Because he's Badass)
and The Ones I like Alot are BEN, Eyeless Jack, and Hoodie.

But I would Love if you could Write another MaskyxReaderxHoodie Lemon Please :iconpweaseplz:
JEFFx reader lemon?

eff the killer x reader lemon? eff the killer x reader lemon? ;)
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