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Submitted on
June 13, 2013
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(HC) =hair color
(EC)=eye color
(Name) =name
(Sh/he) =she or he
(B/G) =boy or girl
You walked to the navy blue door and as you got closer you notice some black ooze coming out from under the door.
You hesitate to open it but soon gain enough courage to open it.
You heared a loud click and opened the door. It was very dark and hard to see but you manage to feel your was around. You felt a bed, a a shelf and sooner or later you found a lighter with a candle beside it as if someone put it their on purpose.
You light the candle and saw it was a normal room with a desk and a mini fringe under neath it you looked on the and saw a present with a note you picked up the note and you (e/c) orbs scaned the paper as you read what it said "I would give you my heart if you give me yours~ to:(name)" you question your self and wounder who would have put this here and why you would find it in a place like this?
You opened the box and almost throw up at what was in it you throw the heart shaped box acrossed the room and curled up in the farthest corner away from it what you saw was horrifying it was a heart a human one…
You sat in the corner stunded and felt a cold breeze wrap around you and then it went pitch black. The breeze blow out the candle! You heared the the door open and in came a tall boy with a blue mask off.
He closed the door and looked at you with his two black hallow sockets. You instenly knew who it was, you've read a lot of creepypasta and found fond to one and he was your favorite.
You though his story was very interesting and when you found a picture of him you fell head over hills.
He walked up to you but you were to freacked of because of this eerie house and cold chill that seemed to make shivers run up your spine. You backed away and hind in the farthest corner in the closet.
How were you going to get out?! You knew he was a killer?! Your brain was racing with thoughts and then the closet door swang opened and you screamed as loud as you can!
"PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!!! I WOULDN'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS PLEASE!!!!" You screamed and sobed between your words.
He looked down at you and kneed down to your eye level and brushed your tears away with his thumb and pulled you for a hug.
Your heart was racing as you hugged back.
He lifed up his mask just up to his nose and gave you a deep kiss.
You felt the warmth of his lips against your and kissed back. You instenly felt calm and at ease. You cam up for a breath just as he pulled his mask back over his face you saw a toothy smile appear under his mask. He grabed you hand and helped you up.
You always wounder what his face looked like? You faced him and gave a soft smile as you hands raised to his face. You felt the smoothness of his mask and gently tuged it off. You held the mask in your hand and looked up at the boy. He gave an uneasy smile as you scaned his face. It was hark to see in the darkness of the room you could make out his blazing red hair and some facial features. You saw were his eye are suppose to be but saw pitch black sockets that never seemed to end. You smiled and rubbed his soft red hair and gave him a kiss. He grabed your hand and walked you home.
Well I hope you liked it and there might be alot of errors but I did try my hardest and please share this and go to my profile to find the introduction!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME!!!!!
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FeartheHedgehog101 Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwww cuteness!~ :iconbeatingheartplz:
caitbear1205 Nov 29, 2013  Student Artist
95jkl219 Nov 26, 2013  Student Artist
Aww me like.
shadowlox21 Nov 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
i like it
creepygirl1 Nov 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Cuuuuuuuute,nice story's:-) 
Aaawww cute for a bit I thought that he would take reader-chans heart literally oops hehe
I love how nice he is to me and the other readers.
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